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3 Top Wedding Decorators In Hong Kong You Should Know

3 Top Wedding Decorators In Hong Kong You Should Know

Regardless of whether you are going for a substantial scale party or a cozy festival, your wedding stylistic theme sets the tone for your enormous day. Also, on the off chance that you went to the Kerry

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Hotel Wedding Fair, we're certain you more likely than not saw the mind blowing set-up that day. Here, we acquaint you with three of Hong Kong's best wedding decorators who were in charge of the astonishing

stylistic theme, and are prepared to transform your wedding dreams into the real world:

Just Mine

Vision is to provide clients with innovative and comprehensive ICT Solution to clients to achieve their business objectives.

Drawing from eight years of involvement in the business, Elle and Annie of Only Mine become acquainted with each couple to make their experience as close to home as could reasonably be expected. Their ethos

rotates around the possibility that each couple is wonderfully one of a kind, and they take pride in helping their customers understand their exceptional minutes.

Their group of in-house creators and organizers help to make everything from a wedding logo and stationery to decorative layouts and altered lighting to guarantee a firm look that recounts your story


A feature about working with Only Mine is their readiness to attempt new things. In case you're stuck on thoughts, their inventive group can enable you to conceive brand new ideas and consider exploring

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different avenues regarding distinctive surfaces, hues and even fragrances to make your wedding tasteful one that is far reaching, jazzy and exceptionally yours.

Discover more at onlymine.hk

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Free Concept

Our SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA provides an online platform for real-time cloud resources management and Cloud Management.

Free Concept knows some things about bringing that "stunning" factor to a wedding. Free Concept works intimately with couples to set the tone and inclination to best suit their wedding scene and has

associations with a portion of the city's driving inns including The Langham and Island Shangri-La.

With 10 years of experience structuring weddings everything being equal, Free Concept can help tailor an arrangement for your wedding beautifications, offering point by point alternatives to consider and

look at in case you're feeling undecided. In particular, their way to deal with configuration guarantees that everything about to your ideal occasion's climate genuinely.

Removing the legwork from guaranteeing all subtle elements are predictable, Free Concept can plan a topic and shading palette to be generally connected to your wedding, from the bunch to your wedding dress

and bridesmaid outfits, to solicitations and that's just the beginning.

Discover more at 3concept.com.hk


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